Learn How to Sell Advanced Analytics: Bria Strategy Group Training

Learn how to sell advanced analytics through the Analytics Solution Academy

Are You Ready to Be the Industry Leader?

Join Analytics Solution Academy, a 16-week intensive solution development training program for serious analytics company executives who want to know how to sell advanced analytics solutions and make sure their analytics company becomes the industry leading solution provider.

All classes are done via conference calls and are recorded for remote and asynchronous participation. The Analytics Solution Academy course is 4 modules which are taught independently allowing students to join the class every month for 4-months and get all the material covered. By the end you will know how to sell advanced analytics solutions.

Module 1: You and Your Audience

  • Week 1: Your Company’s Foundation
  • Week 2: Customer Profiles
  • Week 3: Audience Segments
  • Week 4: Messaging Refinement

Module 2: The Solution Offering

  • Week 1: Minimum Viable Solution
  • Week 2: Solution Gap Analysis
  • Week 3: Solution Development Roadmap
  • Week 4: Solution-Customer Feedback Loop

Module 3: Marketing Execution

  • Week 1: The Loyalty Ladder
  • Week 2: Marketing & Advertising Campaigns
  • Week 3: Audience Metrics
  • Week 4: Campaign Simulation

Module 4: Sales Execution

  • Week 1: Mapping Sales onto the Process
  • Week 2: Achieving Sales Momentum
  • Week 3: Sales and Marketing Integration
  • Week 4: Sales Coaching & Feedback

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