7 Tactics to Boost Sales in 90 Days

7 Tactics to Boost Sales in 90 Days

Almost 15 years ago, my small technology business was on the brink of closing its doors. With no money and payroll to make, we needed to boost sales fast.

I recently posted an article to LinkedIn that talks about that experience and walks you through the 7 tactics we put in place to grow. Out of that work, I have much of the process I teach companies today about how to boost sales that are lagging.

Check the article out here.

In the meantime, let me give you a bonus tactic #8.

Bonus Tactic to Boost Sales:

8. Build an Autoresponder Sequence

Related to tactic #5 (Teach Your Audience), I find that autoresponder sequences can be used effectively to build trust and confidence in your offering, thus shortening the sales cycle and helping boost sales.

But not all autoresponder sequences are equal.

Here’s a pattern for an effective 7-part autoresponder that leads your prospect gently to encourage a phone conversation. I’ve taken this pattern from Mark Satterfield‘s book The One Week Marketing Plan. I’ve adjusted it slightly for companies selling a product to enterprises.

Every autoresponder sequence starts with an opt-in offer. Your offer should be an information product targeting your niche that educates the market around the “big result” you provide. Don’t know your big result (that’s tactic #1 here); get clear on that first, then come back to this.

E-mail #1: Provide the download link the information product you suggested.

E-mail #2: If the prospect has not downloaded the offer, send another e-mail giving the link “in case they didn’t get it” with more benefits to reading the material.

You can track whether the link was downloaded using your CRM or e-mail distribution system. I use Infusionsoft and they have a really easy way of tracking that, and a lot more.

E-mail #3: Encourage interaction with your receipient by asking a question and requesting they answer it directly by clicking “Reply.” That technique really sets your e-mail sequence apart from others by making it more personal. The prospect doesn’t feel like they’re just one of a million on a list.

E-mail #4: Provide a case study of your product. But do this in the form of a story. Don’t use the MBA case-study format of problem/solution. Layout a mature, 3-act story of problem, conflict, and resolution. Focus on the emotional toil of dealing with the conflict and the relief of getting satisfactory resolution. This humanization makes the case study much more personal and meaningful to the reader.

E-mail #5: Give something “more.” Provide bonus content above and beyond what you included in the information product. This additional content makes it look like you are more willing to “give” than to “get.” It builds trust and loyalty to you and your brand.

E-mail #6: Ask a question that creates more “tension.” Often marketing gurus talk about “creating pain.” I think that’s overstated a bit. But it is important to bring up issues that your prospect may not be considering. Do this under the banner of “here’s a question I hear a lot.”

E-mail #7: Make an offer to connect and help them with the issue. This offer needs to be presented carefully; don’t hard sell. Simply make yourself available for a conversation. If you have pre-qualification criteria, state them. Ask for serious inquiries only. That way you know when you spend your time with them, they will be ready and qualified for your product.

These e-mails should go out every 2 – 3 days, depending on your target audience, so that they hear from you consistently, but not so much that it becomes an annoyance.

Keep Following Up

If your prospects don’t respond to the original offer, roll them into a long-term care and feeding plan.

Maybe you e-mail them weekly from that point on. Make sure you continue to share content that’s relevant and valuable to them. Balance your content with the 80/20 rule: 80% teach them something and 20% let them know about your products and services.

Implementing this one technique can often boost sales conversations in less than 30 days and depending on your sales cycle, generate quick revenue.

Need More Help?

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